Saturday, April 11, 2020

Life's Little Pleasures

Our new pup likes water. We walk on a leash, and it's a very good thing. She will jump into a body of water without warning. Twice now I've had to pull her from our pond at the end of her leash. She's completely wet, but she loved it. Other than smelling like pond water, there's no harm done. I hope I will always live like that. My last little dog, Gypsy, loved running around the perimeter of our pond at high speed, chasing the bull frogs into the water. Some of the bull frogs are huge. This continued for years until she got fast enough to catch them. One particularly large bull frog was slow enough that she'd almost run beyond him before he jumped from the bank. He hit her in the face just as she was passing. It was enough of an impact to make noise. It also had psychological impact. She quit chasing bullfrogs after that. It makes a funny story to share, but it's more than just that: "Just because you get hit in the chops with a bullfrog one time, never stop doing what you love!"

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